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A system of comparable security for goods to the value of, relies on goods being valued at the right level. At the moment, there is too much pretend paper notes in circulation, compared to the gross international product in terms of food or energy, where minerals are not produce, but a fixed asset that can never grow to get any bigger, whereas crops and farm or fished animals will reach a practical limit, before desertification and acid oceans completely destroy that ability of the planet to support life.



At the present time the banking system is built on the fraudulent premise that if we were all to wander into our local branches and seek to withdraw the equivalent in gold or silver, of $1 dollar, 1 pound, or whatever the flavour of your currency, that the banks would be able to pay you.


Unfortunately, that is a lie. Banks issuing notes with anything similar printed on them are lying to you. They are mostly responsible for global warming by superheating economies above that planet earth can support sustainably.


A sustainable society should not write cheques higher than the value of produce that our planet can sustain. Why? Because, ultimately, food and energy for life are the limiting factors. We need a banking system linked to the capacity of the planet for sustainable occupation.


This is so because use of land is a delicate balancing act. The question is what are the parameters? 


Is there ample space to house (for example) 9 billion people and for the factories to manufacture goods to be able to enjoy life, where we are already over fishing the oceans and topsoil is being eroded faster than it can be replenished? Doubtful!


It seems we have reached a tipping point and should rein back to a point where our topsoil is steady and fish stocks recover. We should create an Agricultural Standard, to replace the old Gold and Silver Standards - that ceased to exist as governments decided it was okay to allow banks to lend what they did not have, or rather, what the planet could not afford: more 'Wanker' than 'Banker,' in the modern vernacular.




The good news is that we are on track to be able to harness the energy that is needed to support life on earth. The fact it will be renewable solar and wind, means that every country might fend for itself. Hence, energy would not be suitable as a limiting factor, or as a currency as oil was. This of course changes the balance of power, away from the Middle East, where other countries have been profoundly investing. Still good during the transition period.




The bad news is that we are outstripping our food supply. In cutting down forests to plant crops, we are removing the carbon filtration necessary to combat climate change. As the forests are leveled in one country, we are creating deserts in another.


This needs to stop. One way of putting the brakes on is to index link agricultural capacity, to available money.








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