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A system of comparable security for goods to the value of, relies on goods being valued at the right level. At the moment, there are too many pretend paper notes in circulation, compared to the gross international product in terms of food, the only real limiting currency - linked to population, before desertification and acid oceans completely destroy that ability of the planet to support life.




Where all life on earth depends on food, and agricultural land for the growing of food is reducing, while aquaculture is increasing to make up for falling fishery stocks, a truly circular economy must be based on what the planet can sustainably produce.


How many mouths can planet earth feed - on a healthy diet, not just a subsistence diet. As per SDG2, alongside SDG1 and SDG3.


This also means a reduction in unearned income and financial slavery, and an increase in savings for retirements, not based on theoretical promissory notes, but on something lasting and real - index linked to food production.


Other GNP calculations would be linked to international food output, such as where a country does not produce food, but produces other goods with a real value, that is traded against the Food Standard.


The appeal of a Food Standard is that it arrests control of the issuance of pretend money out of the hands of imperfect human beings, driven to lend what they do not in reality possess, but would like you to take their word for it. See the loss of savings for millions from raided pension funds.


With the physical quantity of food production acting as a limit to the issuance of money, a society can follow a simple rule to avoid the evils of inflation, where that inflation is linked to global warming.


We need zero inflation, and zero growth - a balanced economy - perhaps based on AI geospatial data of crop yields. The technology to make this happen already exists in stock markets and other data gathering and dissemination organizations.


The goal of monetary policy is not just to prevent inflation, but also deflation, and to help promote a stable monetary environment in which full employment (or in a largely robotic, or automated society, the societal equivalent) can be achieved.


A brief history of the U.S. gold standard is enough to show that when such a simple rule is adopted, inflation can be avoided, but strict adherence to that rule would create economic limitations and political unrest from the greedier administrations, frustrated that a single planet is not enough to cater for their kleptocratic empire building.


Those governments would sell you Planet B. Sadly, there is only Planet A.


We say it is better to have a secure system, than one that is liable to abuse from over-lending, that will come crashing down in any event, as climate change leads to anthropogenic extinction.


If the United Nations has not tabled such a notion for serious discussion, the UN Watchdogs would urge the Director General to consider commissioning a study.


This system would replace any paper, gold or silver standards.







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