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The chances of there being intelligent life in other galaxies is remote, especially as the moment a species evolves to be able to exploit their planet, they inevitably destroy their home by exhausting their natural resources.



If you think like us, that the United Nations is pandering to big business, with smaller nations being bullied by playground thugs comprising the Greedy7, then you know why we are watching the UN closely - to report not only on what many perceive as under performances, but also on their successes - of which there are many. This must be balanced against what Member Nations are willing to contribute. These are our views and opinions and we assert our right to receive and impart information.


By this means we hope to show where improvement is necessary, to include well meaning suggestions to that end. Every organization that fulfills a public function must be able to stand up to criticism. Why do we bother? Because we care about the planet and every citizen on earth.  We also care for the animals under threat of extinction and that our beautiful polar ice caps are melting. We cannot just stand by and watch without saying something. You should too! Stand up and shout from the rooftops, so that the G20 can hear you. You'll need to shout, because wealthy politicians suffer from a peculiar deafness, attributed to the counting of money and stashing in secret bank accounts. Donald Trump is said to have one in China, one of the countries he is bashing and taking advantage of at the same time.


Speaking of which, the United Nations Organization appears to be either under funded or overstaffed (carrying deadwood). As organizations mature, they tend to accumulate and carry people that are not necessary or who are under-performing. Put that together with the fact that the USA is not making their contributions, and questioning the value of the UN, and we have a situation that could trigger World War Three. The whole point of the UN is to prevent another global conflict. Trump may though have a point as to imports dodging taxes, trade ethics and intellectual property theft.




The UN is supported by thousands of volunteers in local branch Associations in every country, all doing their bit to draw attention to important issues, without payment. Big thanks to them. But they have limited powers and cannot invoke actions, like the big-cheese Secretaries. These Associations or Chapters, do though, echo the hopes of the UN for a better, safer world and they can interact with local policy makers, appropriately, without falling foul of any codes of conduct. In the natural world animals are not bound by any code of conduct, it is survival of the fittest. Hence, we may be brutally honest from time to time, where diplomacy is not cutting the mustard.




GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - The United Nations' climate summits are known as COP = Conference Of the Parties. This is the 24th, meaning twenty-four years during which these global discussions have been unable to put in place a binding action plan to save us from global warming. In 2018 fifty high profile companies wrote to the UN calling for solid action to curb climate change. The 26th session of the UNFCCC was originally scheduled to take place from 9-19 November 2020, in Glasgow, UK. On 28 May 2020, the COP Bureau decided that it would take place from 1-12 November 2021, in Glasgow, UK





As we near the tipping point from which there is no return, the population is still growing and we are still driving diesel and petrol vehicles that emit carcinogenic fumes and heat the planet. Why? The Nazis used exhaust fumes to gas people, the G7 are doing much the same - only on a larger scale.




Many of the G20 cowboys are steeped in debt from failing economies. No more so that the USA, $Trillions of dollars in the red, and the UK, 2 trillion pounds in the red. Should these countries devalue their currencies? That may be the only way of scaling down as climate change demands. Reduced value currency may redress the undercutting of goods, entering the EU and US.


The more the national debt, the greater the ineptitude of the administration. There is no argument about that. Only a fool borrows what he cannot afford to pay back comfortably. But these fools are not paying it back, you are, from your taxes. These politicians are financially enslaving their nationals, to pay for their aspirations of grandeur.


Superheated economies based on continuous growth will see extinction on an unprecedented scale. The leaders causing this will be long gone, dead and buried. Leaving the youth of the next twenty, or even fifty years, to pick up the pieces.






Despite the Sustainability Development Goals, there are serious injustices all over the world, the most abominable of which are in civilised countries that purport to abide by the law contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The United Kingdom is one of the worst offenders, denying their citizens any effective remedy against injustice.


Recently, France and Belgium have been found guilty of (European Convention) Article 13 offences (Article 8 Universal), of having no effective remedy. The UK is next for challenge where Her Majesty has confirmed in one matter (via her private secretary), that as Head of State she is unwilling to "become involved," but there are other matters about which the affected citizen is looking for assistance, before seeking international assistance - replies awaited. The reply was some six months in the coming. Tactics obviously designed to thwart attempts to elicit remedy.



Death toll rising from poor management of NHS in the UK and a government without a clue


UK Government ministers simply don't have a clue as they lurch from one plan to another - making it up as they go along. The present PM, Boris Johnson and his cabinet, should have known this was going to happen, but that would require vision and leadership, not brinkmanship!





WTF! One of the biggest foul ups of the UN in 2020, was Covid 19. How did this happen. How was China allowed to release a virus all over the world that would be harmful to humans?


The World Health Organization of the United Nations was lambasted for being far too slow to observe and respond to what became the largest Ebola epidemic yet known, in West Africa between 2014 and 2016. In the years before, donor countries to the UN's WHO had slashed the funds available, particularly hitting the division responsible for surveilling, monitoring, preparing for, and responding to possible epidemics.


Is there a cure? Maybe not a vaccine type cure, but controls, that do not exist at present for lack of vision on the part of the G20 and WHO.





Potentially more dangerous in terms of ocean conservation and long term food security, plastic in its many forms is invading marine life, to include seabirds, fish and marine mammals. Some shellfish beds are already too dangerous to use for human consumption.


Human health is at risk from carcinogens, with men potentially becoming sterile, like some whales. Mothers too are at risk from seafood toxins, and their babies.







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