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UN 75 Take Action to shape our future together

Smart zero emission mobility worldwide using free solar and wind energy



UN75 YEARS ACTION - Many wars have been waged over mineral rights and control of oil flow, used to power our internal combustion engine vehicles. Imagine a world where free energy form nature powers our vehicles, and every country has their own electricity supply, independent of fossil fuel imports. Energy security is a big step towards world peace. By way of example, SmartNet™ service stations might supply hydrogen for heavy goods vehicles, and electricity to rapid charge conventional battery vehicles. They also act as grid load-levelers for erratic wind and solar renewables. This kind of technology could free us from carcinogens in cities and reduces global warming. If we are to supply trucks and cars with energy, we need around 600,000 smart service stations before 2050, meaning mass produced flatpacks are necessary to reach such goal.


In the UK, the PM, Boris Johnson, environment minister, George Eustice, energy minister, Alok Sharma, and transport minister, Grant Shapps, have been alerted to the concept for their 2030 ban on diesel/petrol vehicle sales. In Norway, a country with huge wind generating capacity, the date is 2025, the most ambitious, and worthy of much applause.





The United Nations has been with us for three quarters of a century. Long may it continue. Positive change happens when communities work together. Through the many challenges that our planet and society has faced, the UN has stood by as a symbol of international co-operation. From promoting human rights to protecting the environment, and advancing global health and well-being with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the UN is stronger when it is united to ensure a future that works best for all who share our planet together, and for future generations.











This year marks a special anniversary for the United Nations: 75 years from the signing of the UN Charter. This historic moment created an international organization that has since worked to promote cooperation, dialogue, and peace around the world.


This is a digital event that will discuss Canada’s most challenging issues, from climate change to racial inequality to the COVID-19 pandemic, and solutions for building a more sustainable world. Hear from Canadian leaders and diverse public stakeholders on Canada’s role in achieving the UN’s Global Goals and the importance of international cooperation.





The United Nations Association in Canada Toronto Region Branch (UNACTO) is a division of the United Nations Association in Canada (UNA-Canada) which is a historic, national charitable organization, established in 1946.


UNACTO is dedicated to elevating the principles of the UN Charter and to accomplishing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals through innovative programming. Their work is guided by three core principles: Integrity, Inclusiveness and Compassion.

They believe in building a better tomorrow by engaging the youth of the Greater Toronto Area and in growing global citizens through knowledge of the UN and its initiatives.

P.O. Box 64037
200 Bay Street, Royal Bank Plaza
Toronto, ON M5J 2T6










From BARRY SIMON to Everyone: 10:26 PM
Great leaders...Jon Charles, Judith Harris, Leigh Adams, Wenli, Michelle, Sherry, and of course Ellen Snortland!


From Kenneth Gruberman to Everyone: 10:26 PM
Here is the YouTube link for that really moving 7 min UN 75 video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8e8jngVUo68&feature=emb_logo

From Michelle Kuei to Everyone: 10:32 PM
Executive Director of UNA-USA Rachel Bowen Pittman Biography http://bit.ly/RachelP2020


From Michelle Kuei to Everyone: 10:44 PM

From Ellen Snortland to Everyone: 10:48 PM
Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Adopted and proclaimed by General Assembly Resolution 217 on Dec. 10, 1948, drafted by a committee headed by Eleanor Roosevelt; re-affirmed by all the governments of the world in 1993:

1. Every person is born free and equal in dignity and rights.
2. Every person has human rights regardless of race, sex, language, belief or religion.
3. Every person has the right to life, liberty and security.
4. Slavery and the slave trade are prohibited.
5. No person shall be subjected to torture.
6. Every person has the right to recognition as a person before the law.
7. All persons are entitled to equal protection before the law.
8. Every person is entitled to the aid of law when not treated fairly.
9. No person shall be subjected to arbitrary detention.
10. Every person is entitled to an impartial hearing.
11. Every person shall be considered innocent until proven guilty.
12. Every person has the right to protection of his or her privacy.
13. Every person has the right to travel freely within a country and to leave and return to his or her country.
14. Every person has the right to asylum from persecution.
15. Every person has the right to a nationality.


From Nelson Kay to Everyone: 10:49 PM
Congratulations UNA USA, from UNA Oceans and Climate UK. Here's hoping for action on climate warming and marine litter. Hoping for racial equality in all walks of life and a proactive stance on international securities, health and food.

From Ellen Snortland to Everyone: 10:49 PM


16. All adults have the right to marry of their own free will and to found a family.
17. Every person has the right to own property.
18. Every person has the right to freedom of religion.
19. Every person has the right to freedom of opinion and expression.
20. Every person has the right to freedom of personal assembly and association.
21. Every person has the right to take part in the government of his or her country.
22. Every person has economic, social and cultural rights.
23. Every person has the right to work, to just pay, and to form and join unions.
24. Every person has the right to rest and leisure.
25. Every person has the right to an adequate standard of living.
26. Every person has the right to an education.
27. Every person has the right to participate in cultural activities and benefit from scientific advancement.
28. Every person is entitled to a social order in which these human rights can be realized.
29. Every person has duties to the democratic society according to the law.
30. No person can take away these rights and freedoms.

from http://www.humanrightsandtolerance.org.uk/udhl.html

From BARRY SIMON to Everyone: 10:51 PM
Rachel - THANK YOU!!! Really well said!


From Skye Hannah (she/her) to Everyone: 10:51 PM
Here, here!


From Paige LaCombe to Everyone: 10:52 PM
Very inspiring and thank you Rachel!


From Nelson Kay to Everyone: 10:52 PM
Brilliant. Well said, Nelson Kay UK


From Wenli Jen to Everyone: 10:52 PM
Thank you, Rachel, for your wonderful keynote.


From CarolAnn Peterson to Everyone: 10:52 PM
Rachel - truly inspiring


From Ellen Snortland to Everyone: 10:52 PM
Thank you Rachel. Wow!


From Afraa Ahmed to Everyone: 10:53 PM
The speech is great & very inspiring, please can we have the written version to save, Appreciate it


From Sherry Simpson to Everyone: 10:53 PM
Thank You Rachel ! We are so proud to have you at the helm. The future is brighter with you here.


From Michelle Kuei to Everyone: 11:44 PM
Here’s how you can reach us, join us and be part of us! :) 
chapter website 
email unapasadena@gmail.com




UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterras was kind enough to give the opening address.




Judith Harris is the President of the Pasadena Chapter of the UNA-USA Southern California division. Judith was the anchor in this Zoom conference.






The Pasadena event was attended by Nelson Kay, an advocate of zero carbon vehicles and ocean cleaning plastic machines who lives in England, but is keen to see enjoy the sterling work of other English speaking Associations.




Rachel Bowen Pittman


Rachel Bowen Pittman gave a superb round up of the work of the UN in the round with emphasis of racial discrimination, which must be eliminated. Rachel serves as Executive Director of UNA-USA, a grassroots movement of more than 20,000 Americans in over 200 chapters across the U.S. who are dedicated to supporting the work of the United Nations in communities, on campuses, and on Capitol Hill.




Jeshow Yang


Jeshow Yang reminded us of the SDGs, the UN's sustainability development goals. He is also a bit of and expert on climate change. The unfortunate truth is that the US, China and India are not putting on the climate brakes. The UK is also undergoing a building boom, granting planning consents for houses that are not energy conscious.



Mayor Terry Tomek


Mayor, Terry Tomek is very supportive of the UN's work.




United Nations Association of the USA, Southern California Division, PO Box 827, Santa Monica, CA 90406















Brexiteers, British politicians leave European Union



Brexiteers split from the European Union, but still have climate control ambitions, swimming against the tide locally perhaps, but still batting for UN ideals. How effective they may be will be revealed in the years before 2030. Policiy change cannot take place if we all continue to vote for politicians who refuse to take action.




Flags flying of United Nations member countries


The United Nation needs local groups to support their work. There is still a long way to go before planet earth is safe from human marauding.






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