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The well known climate change activist, Greta Thunberg, is perhaps a shining example of a UN watchdog, openly speaking of the failings of the United Nations, and welcomed in by the Secretary General, as a speaker for doing so.


Another well know activist, is Sir David Attenborough. Though he is not outspoken in conventional activist terms, his prolific nature documentaries for the BBC, have shone light on many issues to do with climate and ocean pollution, desertification and loss of biodiversity. He has also spoken at UN events.


The Alliance would encourage anyone knowing of any failing on the part of the United Nation to blow the whistle - as a general duty of care to ensure fair play. Whistleblowing protections are getting stronger every year. In the UK this is incorporated in the The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act (ECTA) 2023.


Be careful though, governments do not like criticism and peaceful assemblies. In the UK, the Conservatives, under Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunack, have brought in Draconian style legislation to imprison protestors. Their efforts are deliberately designed to deprive persons of their human rights. But then, the British invented Concentration Camps, inadvertently giving Adolf Hitler the steer, as to what is and what is not right. The Americans pursued eugenics programs, under their 'American Way' programs. Nazi Germany adopted such ideals, taking to industrial levels of exterminations. We can though thank Adolf, for embarking on a crusade that would end in the formation of the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Since when, and especially as kleptocratic administrations have built up significant debts, many member states have slowly enacted domestic legislation to erode the rights of their population, whether in a so-called democracy, or psuedo dictatorship, as with Vladimir Putin's Russia. Now an international war criminal for sanctioning the invasion of Ukraine.







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The (very) young Swedish activist, was extremely successful and for her time very effective. Mainly because she was of such a tender age, that her vocal deliveries has so much more effect on the adults listening. Greta Thunberg was and is an inspiration. But that does not change the fact that as Greta puts it, the "blah, blah, blah" continues unabated. Nine years on from the Paris Accord, there are still no hard and legally binding targets, and don't hold your breath for COP29 at Azerbaijan.




After what began as a solo protest in Sweden five years ago and grew into a movement with millions of children across the world participating, Greta Thunberg has taken part in her last “school strike” protest as she graduates from school.

The protests, which led to many climate activist movements across Europe, the US and Australia, are known as Fridays for Future or School Strike for Climate.

Thunberg tweeted: “Today, I graduate from school, which means I’ll no longer be able to school strike for the climate. This is then the last school strike for me, so I guess I have to write something on this day.

“When I started striking in 2018 I could never have expected that it would lead to anything. After striking every day for three weeks, we were a small group of children who decided to continue doing this every Friday. And we did, which is how Fridays for Future was formed.

“Some more people joined, and quite suddenly this was a global movement growing every day. During 2019, millions of youth striked from school for the climate, flooding the streets in over 180 countries. When the pandemic started, we had to find new ways to protest.

She added: “We who can speak up have a duty to do so. In order to change everything, we need everyone. I’ll continue to protest on Fridays, even though it’s not technically ‘school striking’. We simply have no other option than to do everything we possibly can. The fight has only just begun.”

Thunberg has become a household name known for her climate activism, and has addressed world leaders about the climate emergency at the United Nations’ climate action summit.

In 2019, speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Thunberg said the growth of the school strike movement was “an amazing feeling”.

“To feel that you’re a part of something bigger, and that you can be a part of a movement that has so much impact on the world,” Thunberg said. “It’s an amazing feeling and I wish more people could feel like that.”

When asked whether the movement could bring about a zero-carbon policy change, Thunberg said: “Of course not. It’s not going to take a million children skipping school. There isn’t one solution which is going to solve everything. We are trying to change the conversation and I think we have accomplished a lot.”










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