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An example of a trademark registered in the European Union, using a blue colour laurel wreath and the word United. Such applications when granted, represent caselaw, as to what is and in not permissible when applying to register a mark. Please note that it is not necessary to register a mark to enjoy common law protections against passing off. Though, a registration may be a good commercial investment for sponsors, and other associates of projects, where a commercial return of sorts is anticipated. This need not be money, or other physically tangible assets.


Filing number: 018565691
Basis: EUTM 
Date of receipt: 27/09/2021
Type: Figurative
Nice classes: 36 ( Nice Classification ) 
Vienna Classification: 01.13.01, 02.01.23, 02.01.24, 05.13.04, 26.01.03 ( Vienna Classification ) 
Registration date: 08/01/2022
Expiry date: 27/09/2031
Owner(s): Ladislav Tesařík
5753 Saalbach-Hinterglemm
A-06541 Saalbach-Hinterglemm

CLASS 36 - Charitable fund raising; Arranging charitable collections [for others]; Fundraising and financial sponsorship; Crowdfunding; Political fundraising consulting; Charitable fundraising by means of entertainment events; Investment of funds for charitable purposes; Organization of monetary collections; Organising of charitable collections; Arranging business fundraising activities; Arranging charitable fundraising activities; Arranging fundraising; Arranging of funds for overseas aid projects; Arranging of financing for humanitarian projects; Political fundraising; Memorial fund raising; Providing monetary grants to charities; Financial sponsorship; Political fund-raising services; Fundraising; Charitable fundraising services by means of organizing and conducting galas; Charitable fund raising in view of disaster precautions and prevention; Provision of charitable fundraising services in relation to carbon offsetting. 






The Law as to Copyright is sometimes misleading and often leads to confusion on the part of those who are not legally trained or otherwise familiar with Media Reviews, the Freedom of the Press and legitimate editorial comment. Indeed, Articles 18 and 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, guards your right to express opinions and thoughts with complete freedom. 


The United Nations logo appears to be derived from earlier sports logos including a laurel wreath as a symbol of success, and a very basic grid to represent planet earth, also including geographical land masses in basic. We think the motif is quite effective, and in any event, it is probably not worth the effort re-branding. When, it is well established and had been quoted and referenced by the media for so many years. In our view it is a good example of artwork that in not overly complicated, but, tends to get the message across. The artwork or mark does not appear to be registered with any Intellectual Property Offices (IPOs) in Europe or the UK, by way of an international filing. Though, the laws of passing off no doubt apply, as to paternal rights, in relation to trading activities. Even though the United Nations proper, is not a commercial entity in the ordinary sense.


According to one United Nations website, the emblem and flag of the United Nations are not registered as trade marks, but they appear to be mention by a General Assembly resolution that prohibits their unauthorized use by member states.

The resolution states that “no person, association, corporation, or other organization shall, without the authorization of the Secretary-General, use the emblem, the official seal, the name, or the abbreviation of the United Nations, or any combination of these, for any purpose”.


Clearly though, such a statement is defective in law, in not recognizing (qualifying) the rights and freedoms of the press to reference said flag and name of the organization as either incidental to news reporting or media review, and not defining what uses are permissible. Otherwise, how could the media reports news about the United Nations, if they cannot name the organization.


We assume there are in-house fraud squads to protect the UN from profiteering by those within the organization and those affiliated with the Organization. But so far, we can find no details as to how to report suspected corruption, of abuses of positions of trust.







INJUSTICE ALLIANCE - Another couple of art studies in the quest for a "Watchdogs" logo. Copyright © logos, Injustice Alliance 1st February 2024.





It appears that the United Nations 'flag' was approved by General Assembly resolution 167 (II) on 20 October 1947. The resolution states “the flag of the United Nations shall be the official emblem adopted by the General Assembly under the terms of its resolution 92 (I) of 7 December 1946, centered on a light blue ground.”


In actuality, the resolution applies to the use of the emblem (the flag) of the United Nations in connection with any business, commercial, or advertising activity, or any activity that implies an association or affiliation with the United Nations; where no such association exists. It appear though, that some affiliated UN groups only read the first part of the 'resolution' then go about telling people incorrectly, that no use is permitted. Which is of course not correct in law.

The United Nations has a [Flag Code] that provides guidelines on how to display and handle the flag of the United Nations. The Flag Code also states that the flag of the United Nations should not be used as a trade mark or for any other commercial purpose. So much being obvious, to anyone familiar with the common law of passing off. That said, we would urge caution to any not-for-profit, who may be taken to task mistakenly, by some well-meaning, but under informed time-wasters. Who believe that their 'affiliation' gives them the right to prevent legitimate criticism. Such happenings, are of course de-facto SLAPP actions. Or, at least 'threats' as to action. Which, accusations if not immediately withdrawn by the offending party/parties, become an actionable threat. Against which injunctions and damages may be claimed from those who persist with groundless attacks on the integrity of legitimate reporters and critics.


The Alliance avers that so-called do-gooders, might spend a little time researching the subject, before potentially bringing their UN affiliation into disrepute, and so the UN proper, in the making of unfounded or manifestly incorrect (false) accusations. Especially concerning libel (written accusations) and slander (verbal accusations), by bull-in-a-china-shop vigilantes.


The Alliance would encourage anyone knowing of such 'accusations' to blow the whistle - as a general duty of care to ensure fair play. Whistleblowing protections are getting stronger every year. In the UK this is incorporated in the The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act (ECTA) 2023. This statute applies to any UN affiliated body in the UK, or indeed any United Nations official under international whistle blowing protections.


There is also the possibility of competition in search engines. Where one affiliated group may be competing with another for brownie points. This sometimes happens when large egos enter the arena, and ambitions are perhaps not as fast as members may have liked. Of course ambition is a good thing, tempered by professionalism and caution. A bad thing when tempers flare in uncontrolled manner, leading to mistakes, or even actions designed to gain an advantage over a perceived rival.


This is not the sort of behaviour, that in the opinion of the Alliance, should be condoned or tolerated by the United Nations proper. Bringing with it the potential to bring the UN into disrepute.








NOT BAD - Rottweilers are a breed of domestic dog that originated from Germany and were used as herding, guarding, and draught dogs. They are known for their strength, loyalty, intelligence, and courage. Some people may choose to use a rottweiler in their logos to represent these qualities or to show their affinity for the breed. This original artwork is Copyright © 1st February 2024, The Injustice Alliance, from a design study that investigated other animals in place of a bulldog, including bulls, polar bears, and seals, but no panda yet. Although, there is nothing to prevent any animal or person being considered.







The Alliance wanted to create something a bit more eye catching, to represent being one of the many 'Watchdogs' of the United Nations. The aim being that there should be no confusion on the part of the readers of this, or any other site that may report on the work of the Alliance as watchdogs, rather than being lapdogs, of, or in any way affiliated with the International organization, that is supposed to be working to save planet earth from human rights abuses, hunger, poverty, education, climate change, and pollution at large, especially in the oceans where biodiversity is threatened.


The UN is succeeding to some extent in some areas, such as poverty and hunger relief, but in other areas progressing (even regressing) at such a leisurely pace, that it is agonizing to millions of people the world over, to watch the infighting and bartering that belittles the genuine efforts, and most importantly, frustrates the wishes of the global population, for a better world. In the words of dear Greta Thunberg: "Blah, blah, blah." Greta, is an example of a genuine Watchdog, voicing her concerns by way of protest, that has in the past captured significant media attention. Protests, marches and sit-ins, etc., involve more than just talking. They involve action.


For sure when it comes to World Peace, the UN is failing miserably. Understandable, where old-school warmongers get into positions of trust. And justice is very far from home in many developed nations, including even the United Kingdom, a country that helped to draft the Universal Declaration. One of the developed nations that is going backwards in many respects, from institutionalised corruption.


The Alliance is also voicing their concerns, as written and published protest, by way of being both a publisher, investigator, and news reporter. Commonly called investigative journalism. Including where appropriate, media reviews. The aim being to educate the public, with alternative views, comment and all important; original ideas.


Whereas, affiliated organizations, and we intend no disrespect, tend to beat the same tune on standardized drums, that do not deviate from the original agendas of the UN. They do though foster the ideals of the UN and spread their ideology, more or less verbatim, which is far better than doing nothing at all.


They are not sounding boards, but more sound deadening insulation, to quash alternative views. As has been demonstrated when the IMO said in writing, that they do not accept third party ideas or opinions. Clearly, such closed mind approach is undemocratic. One such example was in relation to ideas for a scrappage scheme, to accelerate the replacement of dirty black-smoke belching ships, with cleaner transport, to help meet 2030 and 2050 targets. It appeared from such a response, that the IMO was actually working for shipping lines to allow them more time to pollute the planet. We hasten to add, that this was not from the Alliance, but such information is published for media review, and is copyleft.


Why on earth the IMO did not put this up as an idea for fleet operators to consider, is beyond us, perhaps beyond all normal reasoning. What do you think?




IMO behaving badly. Incredible, that any organization would be so closed shop. Supplied courtesy of Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd. If you may have come across any other examples of obstructive behaviour on the part of the United Nations, please let us know.



Incredible, that any organization would be so closed shop. Courtesy of Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd as a permissible download. If you may have come across any other examples of potentially obstructive and/or dismissive behaviour on the part of the United Nations, please let us know. The Alliance exists to underscore and hold to account, such 'closed-shop' mentality, and other bad behaviour, that is unfortunately the signature of any body that believes itself to be above accountability. Whereas the opposite is true. Transparency and accountability should be the basis of a strong institution. Making a mockery of the Sustainability Development Goals. The Alliance does not know if the writers received any more information about their idea, appearing not to want to pursue the issue, presumably for political reasons. But the Alliance would like to know more of this, and any negative issues any other organization may have encountered. We also report on positive issues, by way of fair and balance reporting. Though, the UN come across reluctant to share news.







A laurel wreath is a round wreath made of connected branches and leaves of the bay laurel (Laurus nobilis), an aromatic broadleaf evergreen, or later from spineless butcher's broom (Ruscus hypoglossum) or cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus). It is a symbol of triumph and is worn as a chaplet around the head, or as a garland around the neck.


It is also a symbol of many other sporting achievements, such as in motorsport, athletics, and yachting.




The United Nations Watchdogs, are monitoring the slow pace of progress in relationg to climate change, ocean plastic pollution and heritage issues - and are not amused



INJUSTICE ALLIANCE - The bulldog motif in a laurel wreath is symbolic of attacking intruders, and not letting go. In this case attacking inaction and policies that allow sloth on the part of the member states. This logo is blue on a white background, with the planet earth represented in simplistic terms as a traditional globe and grid, about which there are no copyright or trade mark issues, according to the UN's own description of their emblem. Even if this logo had been (or is in the future) used in a commercial way to generate funds for campaigning, etc. In this regard the Alliance is caught between a rock and a hard place. Because few would contribute to attack UN policies that are not working. Whereas, many would pay to back spin to prolong the use of fossil fuels. Such as coal, oil and plastics producers. Sometimes referred to as Climate Change Criminals.



Wreaths and crowns in antiquity, including the laurel wreath, trace back to Ancient Greece. In Greek mythology, the god Apollo, who is patron of lyrical poetry, musical performance and skill-based athletics, is conventionally depicted wearing a laurel wreath on his head in all three roles. Wreaths were awarded to victors in athletic competitions, including the ancient Olympics; for victors in athletics they were made of wild olive tree known as "kotinos" (at Olympia) – and the same for winners of musical and poetic competitions. In Rome they were symbols of martial victory, crowning a successful commander during his triumph. Whereas ancient laurel wreaths are most often depicted as a horseshoe shape, modern versions are usually complete rings.

In common modern idiomatic usage, a laurel wreath or "crown" refers to a victory. The expression "resting on one's laurels" refers to someone relying entirely on long-past successes for continued fame or recognition, where to "look to one's laurels" means to be careful of losing rank to competition.






SIMPLICITY - The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) uses a logo that features a giant panda inside a circle. The panda is black and white, while the circle is green. The logo also has the text “WWF” below the panda, to make it more unique. ��

The panda logo was designed in 1961 by Sir Peter Scott, a naturalist and painter who was the founder chairman of WWF. He chose the panda as a symbol of all endangered species that would be able to thrive if permitted the range and natural environment of their origin. He also wanted a logo that was simple, striking, and easy to reproduce.

The panda logo has become a universally recognised icon for the WWF and its mission to protect wildlife and wild spaces. The logo has been redrawn several times over the years, but it has always maintained its original essence and appeal.





A laurel wreath in the emblem of the Spanish anarcho-syndicalist labor union, the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (English: National Confederation of Labor); CNT.







These are some fine examples of artwork that is available copyright free as downloads from the internet. Any one of which could be the basis for a "Watchdog" logo.



Another example of a registered trademark, using the globe represented by a grid pattern. There is thus no monopoly on such designs.


Name: World Franchise Council 
Filing number: 007582539
Date of receipt: 05/02/2009
Type: Figurative
Nice classes: 35, 41, 45 ( Nice Classification ) 
Filing date: 05/02/2009
Registration date: 06/09/2009
Expiry date: 05/02/2019

35 - Advertising and publicity; arranging and conducting exhibitions, shows, seminars and other events for business, commercial or advertising purposes; negotiating conditions for members' participation in trade fair and exhibition associations; drawing up a calendar of negotiations and meetings with companies and organisations active in the field of franchises; information and consultancy regarding commercial franchises; economic study and research; market research; market surveys; market analyses; research and consultancy regarding the social impact of economic and political decisions in the field of franchises; promotional services; promotion services relating to franchising businesses; operational management; commercial administration; office functions; economic and commercial consultancy in the field of legislative and regulatory development; lobbying for commercial purposes; public relations services; publicity services; arranging/organising and conducting trade shows and exhibitions in relation to franchising; assistance in business management; provision of business advice; provision of business information; business investigations; business appraisals; business enquiries; business surveys; business advisory services relating to franchising; provision of business services relating to franchising services; professional consultations relating to franchising; research services relating to franchising; professional advisory services relating to franchising; preparation of reports relating to franchising; provision of information relating to franchising; lobbying services; business services provided by persons, individually or collectively, as members of an association which requires a high degree of mental activity; consultancy and advisory services relating to all the aforesaid services.

41 - Provision of education; organisation of conferences as well as of seminars, workshops, lectures and other similar educational meetings; leisure activities and entertainment; cultural and sporting activities; organising seminars, congresses and conferences in the fields of culture, education, politics and vocational training; organising debates and informative evenings; publication of books, newspapers, magazines and pamphlets; professional advice relating to training and education in the franchising industry; training in relation to franchising.

45 - Arbitration services; mediation services; professional legal consultations relating to franchising; professional legal advisory services relating to franchising; preparation of legal reports relating to franchising; vetting and accreditation services; lobbying, except for commercial purposes; legal services; legal consultancy and assistance; research regarding legal matters relating to political and economic problems; legal studies and services; legal services provided by persons, individually or collectively, as members of an association which requires a high degree of mental activity; advisory services relating to all the aforesaid services.




According to one of the UN's websites, the original emblem of the United Nations was created by a team of designers during the United Nations Conference on International Organization in 1945. The design team was led by Oliver Lincoln Lundquist. The UN emblem was designed to be "a map of the world representing an azimuthal equidistant projection centred on the North Pole, inscribed in a wreath consisting of crossed conventionalized branches of the olive tree, in gold on a field of smoke-blue with all water areas in white. The projection of the map extends to 60 degrees south latitude, and includes five concentric circles".



SCREENSHOT - According to one of the UN's websites, the original emblem of the United Nations was created by a team of designers during the United Nations Conference on International Organization in 1945. The design team was led by Oliver Lincoln Lundquist. The UN emblem was designed to be "a map of the world representing an azimuthal equidistant projection centred on the North Pole, inscribed in a wreath consisting of crossed conventionalized branches of the olive tree, in gold on a field of smoke-blue with all water areas in white. The projection of the map extends to 60 degrees south latitude, and includes five concentric circles".

The “UN blue” colour was also chosen at this time and became an integral part of the visual identity of the Organization. Blue represents peace in opposition to red, for war. There is no copyright on a colour, unless fully identified, with a registered trade mark accompanying such claims. At the present time, this emblem is seen by many as representative of hot air talks, and virtually no progress. The flag also represents an ocean flooded with plastic, that poisons the fish we eat. And then, there are the manifold human rights abuses committed by member states. Without any comeback.
















United Nations' Watchdogs



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