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The agenda for COP29 in Baku, Azerbaijan, has not been set, but might include outlawing pyramid currencies, introducing an $Agri-Dollar, and abolishing subsidies for fossil fuels, whille also making provision for nations who rely on petroleum production, as oil is phased out in favour of renewable electricity and hydrogen



IS YOUR COUNTRY UNPREPARED - There is no early warning system against nuclear missile launches aimed at Europe (except for Finland and Switzerland). What that may mean for European and other United Nations countries, is that it is every family for themselves. Being cautious that blinkered officials could to try to stop you exercising your basic human right to life, liberty and security of person, as enshrined in Article 3 of the Universal Declaration. We suggest that it may be worth looking at your chances of survival if the worst comes to the worst. This includes Australia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and the USA, to name but a few. No country with free elections is safe if you elect leaders who are blinkered to the dangers of World War Three.













3RD FEBRUARY 2023 - Brazilian pollution criminals, dump asbestos laden Sao Paulo in the Atlantic Ocean, deep enough to thwart investigations as to toxic waste - in denial of the Hong Kong Convention for the recycling of ships. This was a deliberate and calculated violation of international law, despite protests. Prime Minister Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, did not stop the sinking.






INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL MORATORIUM - Why not just cancel all debts, in return for pledges not to build any more houses, factories, vehicles and vessels, that are not 100% zero emission. The banks do not need the money - and it is only paper. They are the drivers of global warming. Just stop the clock!


CONFLICTED - You may think it strange, that the United Arab Emirates has named a veteran technocrat who both leads Abu Dhabi’s state-run oil company, ADNOC, and oversees its renewable energy efforts, to preside over the upcoming United Nations climate negotiations in Dubai. We'd call that a conflict of interests real, rather than imagined. Incredibly, Emirati authorities nominated Sultan al-Jaber, a confidant of UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who serves as CEO of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. Let's hope he can eventually switch between oil interests, and renewable interests like a Gemini on steroids. After COP28 the UAE announced an increase if oil production. Working directly against the UN's climate change targets. It bodes ill for Azerbaijan. The writing on the wall, so to speak. Actions speak louder than words. Beware forked tongue rhetoric.




Since FLOP26, the world moved backwards, with Russia invading Ukraine, highlighting the folly of reliance on importation of cheap fossil fuels, that are in reality extremely expensive when compared to wind or solar energy. So progress or sorts, in the empiric actions of a kleptocrat; Vladimir Putin. A climate and war criminal, compared by many to Adolf Hitler. Who, effectively kicked off the UN with his world domination plans in the 1930s. You may want to build a nuclear fallout shelter at home.


If you think like us, that the United Nations is pandering to big business, with smaller nations being bullied by playground thugs comprising the Greedy7, then you know why we are watching the UN closely - to report not only on what many perceive as under performances, but also on their successes - of which there are many - it must be said. This must be balanced against what Member Nations are willing to contribute on the really big issues of the day, such as global warming Tipping Points, and ocean pollution. There is a marked lack of Action in 2022. Despite energy and cost of living crises, that were both predictable and avoidable.


These are our views and opinions and we assert our entitlement to receive and impart information as a Human Right.


By this means we hope to show where improvement is necessary, to include well meaning suggestions to that end. Every organization that fulfills a public function must be able to stand up to criticism.


Why do we bother? Because we care about the planet and every citizen on earth.  We also care for the animals under threat of extinction and that our beautiful polar ice caps are melting. We cannot just stand by and watch without saying something. You should too! Stand up and shout from the rooftops, so that the G20 can hear you. You'll need to shout, because wealthy politicians suffer from a peculiar deafness, attributed to the counting of money and stashing in secret bank accounts. Donald Trump is said to have one in China, one of the countries he is bashing and taking advantage of at the same time.


Speaking of which, the United Nations Organization appears to be either under funded or overstaffed (carrying deadwood). As organizations mature, they tend to accumulate and carry people that are not necessary or who are under-performing. Put that together with the fact that the USA is not making their contributions, and questioning the value of the UN, and we have a situation that could trigger World War Three. The whole point of the UN is to prevent another global conflict. Trump may though have a point as to imports dodging taxes, trade ethics and intellectual property theft.










Cost of living, food, energy and pollution crisis, could be entering a new emergency stage, as players go for gold as usual






The UN is supported by thousands of volunteers in local branch Associations in every country, all doing their bit to draw attention to important issues, without payment. Big thanks to them. But they have limited powers and cannot invoke actions, like the big-cheese Secretaries. These Associations or Chapters, do though, echo the hopes of the UN for a better, safer world and they can interact with local policy makers, appropriately, without falling foul of any codes of conduct. In the natural world animals are not bound by any code of conduct, it is survival of the fittest. Hence, we may be brutally honest from time to time, where diplomacy is not cutting the mustard.










As we near the tipping point from which there is no return, the population is still growing and we are still driving diesel and petrol vehicles that emit carcinogenic fumes and heat the planet. Why? The Nazis used exhaust fumes to gas people, the G7 are doing much the same - only on a larger scale.










Despite the Sustainability Development Goals, there are serious injustices all over the world, the most abominable of which are in civilised countries that purport to abide by the law contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The United Kingdom is one of the worst offenders, denying their citizens any effective remedy against injustice.


Recently, France and Belgium have been found guilty of (European Convention) Article 13 offences (Article 8 Universal), of having no effective remedy. The UK is next for challenge where Her Majesty (RIP) confirmed in one matter (via her private secretary), that as Head of State she was unwilling to "become involved," but there are other matters about which the affected citizen is looking for assistance, before seeking international assistance - replies awaited. The reply from the former head of state was some six months in the coming. Tactics obviously designed to thwart attempts to elicit remedy. We wonder if King Charles III will fare any better? British fortunes were founded on slavery and control of their puppets, via the honours system, quangos, and patronage of secret societies, that have infected the justice system. The former Prince of Wales has at least offered an apology against slavery, but no reparations - from one of the richest men alive.








THE GOLD STANDARD - A system of comparable security for goods to the value of, relies on something more than promises that are a lie. Pretend, or paper money literally has nothing to back it up with anything tangible. It is unsecured. In a world threatened by global warming and incompetent government, food is the only commodity worth comparing against - for your survival. For example, in 2021, wood and copper had doubled in price, along with other inflations, pensioner's savings have been virtually halved, thanks to Boris Johnson's mismanagement circus. In 2022, Liz Truss failed to tell it like it is, lasting only 44 days as Prime Minister, against an energy and cost of living crisis born of Conservative myopia. Rishi Sunack jumped into the inflation cauldron in October, beating the Crypto Currency drum. In our view, yet another pyramid selling style rip off of the gullible. Not in any way related to real world values.


A valuation of a '$Food dollar' or '£Food pound' needs to be tied to the maximum sustainable yield of planet earth (grain, fruit, nuts, livestock, fish), divided by what a person needs to eat to be healthy. So giving us the potential safe world population. Even gold and silver is useless when you are starving to death, as are luxury mansions, civic halls and nuclear submarines. Paper money linked to more paper money - will only be good for lighting fires and wiping your backsides. You'd be foolish to bank on it. Though, gold and silver coins could play a role in ending banks selling money that is worthless, to enslave the population. Perhaps, linked to a Food & Energy Standard. Gold and silver would be to protect your savings. Always having a value. For this to work you'd need an international mint that operated not for profit.


That could mean that food chains such as SuperMarkets, linked to producers, and renewable energy utilities, could become the Food/Energy Banks of the future. To provide a circular economy, to keep us fed, warm and mobile. Computer programs could replace many civil servants, and local politicians, those who are non-productive workers, leaching off the backs of honest workers. COVID and the working from home mentality, has shown that computers could take over those jobs, where working remotely has become acceptable. This depends on flexible AI programming.






Many of the G20 cowboys are steeped in debt from failing economies. No more so that the USA, $Trillions of dollars in the red, and the UK, £2 trillion pounds in the red. Should these countries devalue their currencies? That may be the only way of scaling down as climate change demands. Reduced value currency may redress the undercutting of goods, entering the EU and US. Or perhaps the introduction of a new Food Standard in 2021, as a sustainable version of the Gold Standard.


The more the national debt, the greater the ineptitude of the administration. There is no argument about that. Only a fool borrows what he cannot afford to pay back comfortably. But these fools are not paying it back, you are, from your taxes. These politicians are financially enslaving their nationals, to pay for their aspirations of grandeur.


Superheated economies based on continuous growth will see extinction on an unprecedented scale. The leaders causing this will be long gone, dead and buried. Leaving the youth of the next twenty, or even fifty years, to pick up the pieces.







Potentially more dangerous in terms of ocean conservation and long term food security, plastic in its many forms is invading marine life, to include seabirds, fish and marine mammals. Some shellfish beds are already too dangerous to use for human consumption.


Human health is at risk from carcinogens, with men potentially becoming sterile, like some whales. Mothers too are at risk from seafood toxins, and their babies.




Fibreglass is invading our oceans, being ingested by shellfish, and potentially passed onto humans via biomagnification. The source is all the GRP boats being made, without passports for effective disposal after they reach the end of their working life. Without proper monitoring of the scrapping composite hulls, this will continue unabated.









Not just the Caribbean, but also the Gulf of Mexico. Sargassum has now reached crisis status as climate change accelerates warming of the oceans. When stranded in coastal areas, the sargassum itself dies, and many of the negative impacts originate with its decay. Given the scale and extent of the negative impacts these influx events may be characterized as a recurring hazard. The unprecedented scale of the Sargassum influxes also led to declaration of emergency conditions in several Caribbean countries e.g. Tobago in 2015, Barbados in 2018, and Mexico in 2019.







WTF! One of the biggest foul ups of the UN in 2020, was Covid 19. How did this happen. How was China allowed to release a virus all over the world that would be harmful to humans?


The World Health Organization of the United Nations was lambasted for being far too slow to observe and respond to what became the largest Ebola epidemic yet known, in West Africa between 2014 and 2016. In the years before, donor countries to the UN's WHO had slashed the funds available, particularly hitting the division responsible for surveilling, monitoring, preparing for, and responding to possible epidemics.


Is there a cure? Maybe not a vaccine type cure, but controls, that do not exist at present for lack of vision on the part of the G20 and WHO.




Smart zero emission mobility worldwide using free solar and wind energy



UN75 YEARS OF LIMITED ACTION - Many wars have been waged over mineral rights and control of oil flow, used to power our internal combustion engine vehicles. Imagine a world where free energy form nature powers our vehicles, and every country has their own electricity supply, independent of fossil fuel imports. Energy security is a big step towards world peace. By way of example, SmartNet™ service stations might supply hydrogen for heavy goods vehicles, and electricity to rapid charge conventional battery vehicles. They also act as grid load-levelers for changeable wind and solar renewables. This kind of technology could free us from carcinogens in cities and reduces global warming. If we are to supply trucks and cars with energy, we need around 600,000 smart service stations globally before 2050, meaning mass produced flatpacks are necessary to reach such goal economically. At 2019 end, 470 hydrogen stations were operating worldwide, 1/1200th of what is required. How can the World Intellectual Property Organization accelerate Green Patents?





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